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Discussiones Mathematicae Differential  Inclusions, Control and  Optimization

Discussiones Mathematicae Differential  Inclusions, Control and  Optimization

Guide for authors


The articles should be written in good English either American or British. Do not use both languages in one article.

Figures and layout

All figures must be of good quality and in electronic files. We recommend that you use PsTricks or prepare *.eps files. The article should have one-column layout.

Number of pages

A short original research article of not more than 6 journal pages (about 5 full pages of a typical manuscript) will be published as a NOTE.

The number of pages of the paper is not limited, however we ask for not exceeding 30 pages in dmdico style.

Dmdico style

Our journal has its own LaTeX style - dmdico, please do not modify it. The style is designed in such a way that its usage is simple and the rules which should be followed are similar to the standard rules for publications in system LaTeX. In package one can find more details and instructions. You can also download single files.


Articles should be sent (by e-mail) to the Managing Editor ( The appropriate e-mail must contain the following information:

If within two weeks you will not receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your submission, please write to the Managing Editor (

On this stage of the submission the article does not have to be written in dmdico style, however it will speed up the editorial process after the acceptance of the paper.

Submission of a manuscript to this journal is representation by the author that it is original, has been written by the stated authors (the ghostwritting and guest or honorary authorship procedures are not acceptable), the article has not been previously published in any language, has not been copyrighed or submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere, and that the copyright for the article will be transferred to the publisher upon acceptance of the article. The authors retain significant rights for use of their own work, including the right to post a pre-print version of the article on warious websites (with some exceptions), make copies (print or electronic) of the article for their own personal use, including classroom teaching.

After acceptance

If the paper is accepted for publication, authors are kindly requested to send (by e-mail) to the Editorial Office ( the article in *.pdf file and its source in LaTeX or AMS-TeX file.

On this stage of the editorial process the paper must by written (by the author) in dmdico style.