Discussiones Mathematicae Probability and Statistics 21(1) (2001) 21-48


Eva Tesaríková

Department of Algebra and Geometry,
Faculty of Science, Palacký University
Tomkova 40, CZ-779 00 Olomouc

Lubomír Kubácek

Department of Mathematical Analysis and Applied Mathematics,
Faculty of Science, Palacký University
Tomkova 40, CZ-779 00 Olomouc


If a nonlinear regression model is linearized in a non-sufficient small neighbourhood of the actual parameter, then all statistical inferences may be deteriorated. Some criteria how to recognize this are already developed. The aim of the paper is to demonstrate the behaviour of the program for utilization of these criteria.

Keywords: nonlinear regression model, criteria of linearization, demo program.

2000 Mathematics Subjects Classification: 62J02, 62J05.


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Received 13 September 2000