Differential Inclusions, Control and Optimization 21 (2001) 51-79
doi: 10.7151/dmdico.1017

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Dieter Schott

Electrotechnics and Computer Science College, Wismar
Philipp-Müller-Str. PF 1210
D-23952 Wismar, Germany
e-mail: d.schott@et.hs-wismar.de


Strongly Fejér monotone mappings are widely used to solve convex problems by corresponding iterative methods. Here the maximal of such mappings with respect to set inclusion of the images are investigated. These mappings supply restriction zones for the successors of Fejér monotone iterative methods. The basic tool is the representation of the images by intersection of certain balls.

Keywords: set-valued mappings, Fejér monotone mappings, relaxations, central stretching, convex sets, ball intersections.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 65J05, 47H04, 47H09.


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Received 20 February 2000