Discussiones Mathematicae Probability and Statistics 25(2) (2005) 241-249


Dário Ferreira1, João Tiago Mexia2 and Sandra Saraiva Ferreira1

1Department of Mathematics, University of Beira Interior
6200 Covilha, Portugal

2Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Tecnology,
New University of Lisbon
Monte da Caparica, Portugal

email: sandraf@ubi.pt
email: dario@ubi.pt


Stable hypothesis are hypothesis that may refer either for the fixed part or for the random part of the model. We will consider such hypothesis for models with balanced cross-nesting. Generalized F tests will be derived. It will be shown how to use Monte-Carlo methods to evaluate p-values for those tests.

Keywords: generalized F tests; mixed balanced models; cross-nesting.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 62K15.


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Received 3 March 2005