Discussiones Mathematicae General Algebra and Applications 22(2) (2002) 107-117
doi: 10.7151/dmgaa.1050

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Branka Budimirović, Vjekoslav Budimirović

Higher Technological School
Narodnih Heroja 10, 15000 Sabac, Yugoslavia

Branimir Seselja

Institute of Mathematics, University of Novi Sad
Trg D. Obradovića 4, 21000 Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
e-mail: seselja@im.ns.ac.yu


A class of semirings, so called p-semirings, characterized by a natural number p is introduced and basic properties are investigated. It is proved that every p-semiring is a union of skew rings. It is proved that for some p-semirings with non-commutative operations, this union contains rings which are commutative and possess an identity. 

Keywords and phrases: semiring, p-semiring, p-semigroup, anti-inverse semigroup, union of rings, skew ring.

2000 AMS Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 16Y60, Secondary 16S99.


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Received 28 January 20002
Revised 7 October 20002