Accepted papers

1 O. Hudry, A. Lobstein
The compared costs of domination, location-domination and identification
2 M. Hajian, N. Jafari Rad
A note on the fair domination number in outerplanar graphs
3 T. Madaras, P. ©iroczki
Minimal graphs with respect to geometric distance realizability
4 I. Gutman, H. Hua, H. Wang
Comparing eccentricity-based graph invariants
5 D.V. Karpov
Large contractible subgraphs of a 3-connected graph
6 M. Krnc, J.-S. Sereni, R. ©krekovski, Z.B. Yilma
Eccentricity of networks with structural constraints
7 W.F. Klostermeyer, M.E. Messinger, A. Yeo
Dominating vertex covers: a searchlight problem
8 G.C. Lau, H.-K. Ng, W.C. Shiu
On local magic chromatic number of cycle-related join graphs
9 N.R. Aravind, C.R. Subramanian
Intersection dimension and graph invariants
10 L. Wang, W. Wide³, W. Zheng
On implicit heavy subgraphs and Hamiltonicity of 2-connected graphs
11 Y. Huang, Y. Wang
The crossing number of Cartesian product of 5-wheels with any tree
12 A. Kemnitz, M. Marangio, M. Voigt
Generalized sum list colorings of graphs
13 L. Hu, L. Sun, J.-L. Wu
List coloring of planar graphs without 6-cycles with two chords
14 A.C. Martínez, I. Peterin, I.G. Yero
Independent transversal total domination versus total domination in trees
15 B. Bre¹ar, Cs. Bujtás, T. Gologranc, S. Klav¾ar, G. Ko¹mrlj, T. Marc, B. Patkós, Zs. Tuza, M. Vizer
On Grundy total domination number in product graphs
16 P. Paulraja, R. Srimathi
Decomposition of the tensor product of graphs into cycles of lengths 3 and 6
17 A. Cabrera Martínez, D. Kuziak, I.G. Yero
A constructive characterization of vertex cover Roman trees
18 E.T. Baskoro, D.R. Silaban, S. Uttunggadewa
On the restricted size Ramsey number involving path
19 J. Cyman, M.A. Henning, J. Topp
On accurate domination in graphs

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