Accepted papers

1 N. Haghparast, D. Kiani
Edge-connectivity and edges of even factors of graphs
2 Y. Mandelshtam
On graphs presentable by pattern-avoiding words
3 H.A. Ahangar, J. Amjadi, M. Chellali, S. Nazari-Moghaddam, S.M. Sheikholeslami
Total Roman reinforcement in graphs
4 Y. Lan, Z. Qin, Y.T. Shi
The Turán number of 2P7
5 G. Abrishami, M.A. Henning, F. Rahbarnia
On independent domination in planar, cubic graphs
6 C. Balbuena, H. Galeana-Sánchez, M.-k. Guevara
About kernels, semikernels and Grundy functions in partial line digraphs
7 V. Taranchuk
Pancyclity when each cycle contains exactly k-chords
8 X. Li, X. Zhu
Kaleidoscopic edge-coloring of complete graphs and r-regular graphs
9 A.T. Elakkiya, A. Muthusamy
Gregarious kite factorization of tensor product of complete graphs
10 R. Ramamurthi, G. Sanders
Star coloring outerplanar bipartite graphs
11 A.S. Jobson, A.E. Kézdy, J. Lehel, G. Mészáros
The path -pairability number of products of stars
12 S. Wang, L. Xiong
On the independence number of traceable 2-connected claw-free graphs
13 G.-X. Cai, Y.Z Fan, Y. Fang, G.-D. Yu
Spectral radius and Hamiltonicity of graphs
14 M. Lu, W. Ning , K. Wang
Bounds on the locating-total domination number in trees
15 S. Jendrol', X. Li, Y. Mao, Y. Zhang, H. Zhao, X. Zhu
Conflict-free vertex-connections of graphs
16 T. Vetrik
On the metric dimension of directed and undirected circulant graphs
17 L. Tang, E. Vumar
A note on cycles in locally Hamiltonian and locally Hamilton-connected graphs
18 T. Tian, L. Xiong
2-connected Hamiltonian claw-free graphs involving degree sum of adjacent vertices
19 V. Coll, J. Hook, C. Magnant, K. McCready, K. Ryan
The proper diameter of a graph
20 O. Hudry, A. Lobstein
The compared costs of domination, location-domination and identification
21 Z.R. Bogdanowicz
On the minimum number of spanning trees in cubic multigraphs
22 L. Feng, M. Liu, Liu, P. Zhang
Spectral conditions for graphs to be k-hamiltonian or k-path-coverable
23 F. Ashraf, M. Bača, S.C. López , F.A. Muntaner-Batle, A. Oshima, A. Semaničová-Feňovčiková
On total H-irregularity strength of the disjoint union of graphs
24 M. Fürst, D. Rautenbach
A short proof for a lower bound on the zero forcing number
25 L. Kang, E. Shan, M. Zhao
Domination in the generalized Petersen graphs
26 X. Li, L. Wang
Deficiency and forbidden subgraphs of connected , locally-connected graphs
27 D. Amos, J. Asplund, B. Brimkov, R. Davila
The Slater and sub-k-domination number of a graph with applications to domination and k-domination
28 Y. Zhao
More on the minimum size of graphs with given rainbow index
29 E. Cheng, L.-H. Hsu, C.-N. Hung, M.-C. Yang
2-spanning cyclability problems of the some generalized Petersen graphs
30 C. Xu, X. Zhao
Neighbor sum distinguishing total chromatic number of planar graphs without 5-cycles
31 J. Czap, S. Jendrol', P. ©ugerek, J. Valiska
Facial [r.s,t]-colorings of plane graphs
32 D.A. Mojdeh, A. Moradi, O. Sharifi
Roman 2-bondage number of a graph
33 I. Fabrici, J. Harant, S. Mohr, J.M. Schmidt
Longer cycles in essentially 4-connected planar graphs
34 M. Sonntag, H.-M. Teichert
Niche hypergraphs of products of digraphs
35 A. Arockiaraj, S. Klavľar, P. Manuel, E. Thomas, A. Xavier
Strong geodetic problems in networks
36 W.-H Lu, H. Ren , C. Yang
Lower bound on the number of Hamiltonian cycles of generalized Petersen graphs
37 B. Vučković
An improved upper bound on neighbor expanded sum distinguishing index
38 L.-Y. Miao, W.-Y. Song
Neighbor sum distinguishing total choosability of IC-planar graphs
39 R. Davila, M.A. Henning
Total forcing sets and zero forcing sets in trees
40 T.W. Haynes, M.A. Henning
Graphs with large semipared domination number
41 N. Polat
On some properties of antipodal partial cubes
42 I. Gorgol
A note on lower bound for induced Ramsey numbers
43 M. Blidia, A. Bouchou, M. Chellali
Extremal graphs foe a bound on the Roman domination number
44 F. Kardoą, M. Maceková, M. Mockovčiaková, É. Sopena, R. Soták
Incidence coloring-cold cases
45 S.-S. Li, J.-H. Yin
On factorable bigraphic pairs
46 P. Kaemawichanurat
Hamiltonicity of double domination critical claw-free graphs
47 A. Bernshteyn, O. Khormali, R.R. Martin, J. Rollin, D. Rorabaugh, S. Shan, A. Uzzell
Regular colorings in regular graphs
48 Y. Hu, Y.T. Shi, Y. Wei
The edit distance function of some graphs
49 Z.-C. Chen, H.-C. Lee
Decomposing the complete graph into Hamiltonian paths (cycles) and 3-stars
50 M. Fürst, M. Gentner, M.A. Henning, S. Jäger, D. Rautenbach
Equating k maximum degrees in graphs without short cycles
51 A. Brandt, J. Diemunsch, S. Jahanbekam
Additive list coloring of planar graphs with given girth

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