Accepted papers

1 M. Rosicka
Convex and weakly convex domination in prism graphs
2 A.C. Martínez, I. Peterin, I.G. Yero
Independent transversal total domination versus total domination in trees
3 A.M. Hinz, N. Movarraei
The Hanoi graph H34
4 O. Zhangdong
A note on the crossing numbers of 5-regular graphs
5 H. Jiang, W. Li, X. Li, C. Magnant
On proper (strong) rainbow connection of graphs
6 N. Ananchuen, C. Lewchalermvongs
Internally 4-connected graphs with no {CUBE, V8}-minor
7 E. Máčajová, M. ©koviera
Critical and flow-critical snarks coincide

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