Accepted papers

1 S.A. Aleid, J. Cįceres, M. Luz Puertas
On independent [1,2]-sets in trees
2 B. Amari, A. Berrachedi
Generalized Hamming graphs: some new results
3 H. Aram, M. Atapour, S.M. Sheikholeslami
Eternal m-security bondage numbers in graphs
4 M. Benatallah, N. Ikhlef Eschouf, M. Mihoubi
On the b-domatic number of graphs
5 S. Bermudo, J.C. Hernįndez-Gómez, J.M. Sigarreta
On the total k-domination in graphs
6 M. Besson, B. Tesman
TR-span of directed wheel graphs
7 S. Bhoumik, S. Mitra
L(2,1) labeling of circulant graphs
8 Z. Bi, G. Chartrand, P. Zhang
Another view of bipartite Ramsey numbers
9 Bodro¾a-Patię, R. Doroslovački, H. Kwong, M. Pantię
A limit conjecture on the number of Hamiltonian cycles on thin triangular grid cylinder graphs
10 O.V. Borodin, M.A. Bykov, A.O. Ivanova
More about the height of faces in 3-polytopes
11 O.V. Borodin, A.O. Ivanova, O.N. Kazak
Describing neighborhoods in 3-polytopes with minimum degree 5 and without vertices of degree from 7 to 11
12 Y.M. Borse, G. Mundhe
Graphic and cographic Γ-extensionds of binary matroids
13 Y.M. Borse, S.R. Shaikh
Decomposition of the product of cycles based on the degree partition
14 G. Boruzanli Ekinci, J.B. Gauci
The super-connectivity of Kneser graphs
15 Y. Boudabbous, P. Ille
The {-2,-1}-selfdual and decomposable tournaments
16 B. Bre¹ar, T.R. Hartinger, T. Kos, M. Milanič
On total domination in the Cartesian product of graphs
17 H. Cai, Z.Y. Luo, D. Sun , L. Sun , J.-L. Wu
On edge colorings of 1-planar graphs without 5-cycles with two chords
18 G. Chartrand, S. Devereaux, T.W. Haynes, S.T. Hedetniemi, P. Zhang
Rainbow disconnection in graphs
19 X. Chen, G. Hao, L. Volkmann
Bounds on the signed Roman k-domination number of a digraph
20 X. Chen, G. Hao, Z. Xie
A note on Roman domination of digraphs
21 S. Cockburn
Homomorphic preimages of geometric paths
22 J. Cyman, M. Dettlaff, M.A. Henning, M. Lemańska, J. Raczek
Total domination in versus paired-domination in regular graphs
23 J. Czap, S. Jendrol', J. Valiska
Conflict -free connections of graphs
24 A. Dong, X. Zhang
Equitable coloring and equitable choosability of graphs with small maximum average degree
25 C. Duffy, G. MacGillivray, P. Ochem, A. Raspaud
Oriented incidence colourings of digraphs
26 J. Dybizbański, A. Nenca
Oriented chromatic number of Cartesian products and strong products of paths
27 Z. Dziechcińska-Halamoda, J. Górska, Z. Majcher, J. Michael, Z. Skupień
Extremal irregular digraphs
28 M. Edwards, G. MacGillivray, S. Nasserasr
Reconfiguring minimum dominating sets: the γ-graph of a tree
29 Y. Gao, H. Zhang
Sharp upper bounds on the Clar number of Fullerene graphs
30 W. Goddard, R. Melville, H. Xu
Almost injective colorings
31 I. Gorgol, A. Lechowska
Anti-Ramsey number of Hanoi graphs
32 R. J. Gould, P. Horn, M.S. Jacobson, B.J. Thomas
Gaps in the saturation spectrum of trees
33 J.-X. Guan, J.-H. Yin
The bipartite-splittance of a bipartite graph
34 Sh. Haghi, H.R. Maimani
A note on the Ramsey number of even wheels versus stars
35 T. Han, R. Li
Arc-disjont Hamiltonian cycles in round decomposable local tournaments
36 R.-X. Hao, Y. Yuan
Independence number, connectivity and all fractional (a,b,k)-critical graphs
37 X. Hong
Completely independent spanning trees in k-th power of graphs
38 M. Horņįk, J. Hudįk
On the palette index of complete bipartite graphs
39 M. Horņįk, S. Jendrol', R. Sotįk
Facial incidence colorings of embedded multigraphs
40 P. Hrnčiar, G. Monoszovį
Hamiltonian and pancyclic graphs in the class of self-centered graphs with radius two
41 R. Ichishima, S.C. López , F.A. Muntaner-Batle, A. Oshima
On the beta-number of forests with isomorphic components
42 N. Jafari Rad, H. Rahbani
Bounds on the locating-domination number and differentiating-total domination number in trees
43 N. Jafari Rad, H. Rahbani
Some progress on the double Roman domination in graphs
44 Z. Jin, Y. Sun, J. Tu
Rainbow total-coloring of complementary graphs and Erdös-Gallai type problem for the rainbow total-connection number
45 L. Kang, E. Shan
Trees with unique least central subtrees
46 S. Kerdjoudj, A.V. Kostochka, A. Raspaud
List star edge coloring of subcubic graphs
47 D. Kuziak, I. Peterin, I.G. Yero
Bounding the open k-monopoly number of strong product graphs
48 T.M. Lewis
On the Hamiltonian number of a planar graph
49 H. Li , B. Wu, W. Yang
Making a dominating set of a graph connected
50 X. Li, C. Magnant, M. Wei, X. Zhu
Generalized rainbow connection of graphs and their complements
51 H. Liu, T. Sousa
Turán function and H-decomposition for GEM graphs
52 M. Lu, W. Ning , K. Wang
Bounding the locating-total domination number of a tree in terms of its annihilation number
53 F. Ma, J. Yan
On the number of disjoint 4-cycles in regular tournaments
54 N. Mandal, P. Panigrahi
Irreducible no-hole L(2,1)-coloring of edge-multiplicity-paths-replacement graph
55 M.R. Oboudi
Some results on the independence polynomial of unicyclic graphs
56 I. Peterin, J. Schreyer, E. ©krabul'įkovį, A. Taranenko
A note on the Thue chromatic number of lexicographic produts of graphs
57 R. Rasi, S.M. Sheikholeslami
The smallest index of trees with given maximum degree
58 H. Ren , C. Yang
New formulae for the decycling number of graphs
59 Y. Sakamoto
Hamilton cycles in double generalized Petersen graphs
60 Y.T. Shi, J. Tu
An efficient polynomial time approximation scheme for the vertex cover P3 problem on planar graphs
61 Z. Stanię
Pertubations in a signed graph and its index
62 L. Sun , B. Wang, J.-L. Wu
Total colorings of embedded graphs with maximum degree seven and without 3-cycles adjacent to 4-cycles
63 F. Wang, W. Zhao
Matchings extend to Hamiltonian cycles in 5-cube
64 L. Wang, Wang, K. Xiang
The largest component in critical graphs
65 S. Wang, G. Zhang
Arc fault tolerance of Cartesian product of regular digraphs on super-restricted arc-connectivity
66 D.B. West, J.I. Wise
Antipodal edge-colorings of hypercubes
67 A.P. Wojda
Almost self-complementary uniform hypergraphs
68 R.K. Yeh
Pair L(2,1)-labelings of infinite graphs

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