Accepted papers

1 O. Hudry, A. Lobstein
The compared costs of domination, location-domination and identification
2 I. Gorgol
A note on lower bound for induced Ramsey numbers
3 Y. Hu, Y.T. Shi, Y. Wei
The edit distance function of some graphs
4 Z.-C. Chen, H.-C. Lee
Decomposing the complete graph into Hamiltonian paths (cycles) and 3-stars
5 M. Fürst, M. Gentner, M.A. Henning, S. Jäger, D. Rautenbach
Equating k maximum degrees in graphs without short cycles
6 A. Brandt, J. Diemunsch, S. Jahanbekam
Additive list coloring of planar graphs with given girth
7 Z. He, G. Li
Super edge-connectivity and zeroth-order general Randić index for α\le -1
8 O.V. Borodin, A.O. Ivanova, E.I. Vasil'eva
Light minor 5-stars in 3-polytopes with minimum degree 5 and no 6-vertices
9 L. Volkmann
The double Roman domatic number of a digraph
10 B. Liu, L. Sun , B. Wang, J.-L. Wu
The list coloring and list total coloring of planar graphs with maximum degree at least 7
11 O.V. Borodin, M.A. Bykov, A.O. Ivanova
Low 5-stars at 5-vertices in 3-polytopes with minimum degree 5 and no vertices of degree from 7 to 9
12 N. Ananchuen, P. Kaemawichanurat
Connected domination critical graphs with cut vertices
13 M. Kano, Z. Yan
Strong Tutte type conditions and factors of graphs
14 I. Broere, S. Veldsman
Congruences and Hoehnke radicals on graphs
15 M. Hajian, N. Jafari Rad
A note on the fair domination number in outerplanar graphs
16 H. Aram, N. Dehgardi, L. Volkmann
Domination, independent domination number and 2-independence number in trees
17 S. Alikhani, S. Klavľar, F. Lehner, S. Soltani
Trees with distinguishing index equal distinguishing number plus one
18 M. Chen, Y. Li, L. Zhang
Linear list coloring of some sparse graph
19 T. Madaras, P. ©iroczki
Minimal graphs with respect to geometric distance realizability

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