AUTHOR = {Niculitsa, Angela and Voloshin, Vitaly},
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ABSTRACT = {A mixed hypergraph is a triple \HH where $X$ is the vertex set and each
of $\cC$, $\cD$ is a family of subsets of $X$, the
$\cC$-edges and $\cD$-edges, respectively. A $k$-coloring
of $\cH$ is a mapping $c: X \rightarrow [k]$ such that each
$\cC$-edge has two vertices with the same color and each
$\cD$-edge has two vertices with distinct colors. \HH
is called a mixed hypertree if there exists a tree
$T=(X,\cE)$ such that every $\cD$-edge and every $\cC$-edge
induces a subtree of $T.$ A mixed hypergraph $\cH$ is called
uniquely colorable if it has precisely one coloring apart
from permutations of colors. We give the characterization
of uniquely colorable mixed hypertrees. },