AUTHOR = {Asir, T. and Chelvam, T.Tamizh},
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ISSN = {1234-3099},
ABSTRACT = {In this paper, we consider the intersection graph $I_\Gamma(\mathbb{Z}_n)$
of gamma sets in the total graph on $\mathbb{Z}_n$. We
characterize the values of $n$ for which
$I_\Gamma(\mathbb{Z}_n)$ is complete, bipartite, cycle,
chordal and planar. Further, we prove that
$I_\Gamma(\mathbb{Z}_n)$ is an Eulerian, Hamiltonian and as
well as a pancyclic graph. Also we obtain the value of the
independent number, the clique number, the chromatic number,
the connectivity and some domination parameters of